The Waiting Game

We set up the DApp360 Stake Pool node in Cardano Incentivized Testnet (ITN) on December 14, 2019, but the ITN official launch date was December 16 2019, two days later. The DApp360 Stake Pool launched with very little stakes, 200K ADA, in its pledged wallet. This amount was insignificant compared to other stake pools that had upward of 50 million stakes. Due to our low stakes at the time, our team did not expect to create a block, but we needed one. We needed a block because creating a block would validate that we correctly setup and configured the DApp360 node for the incentivized testnet (ITN).

Each epoch lasted for 24 hours, spanning two days. Like a daddy waiting to see his newborn child, we anxiously watched and waited for the DApp360 node to create its first block in the ITN. Unfortunately, it was not going to happen until the ITN official launch date (December 16). Since the ITN was not officially live, the only stake pool nodes creating blocks in epoch 1 was IOHK. Nevertheless, we constantly monitored our node to ensure maximum uptime. It was during this monitoring our team noticed that the ITN was constantly getting stuck. As a result, I got about 3 hours of sleep in epoch 1. 3 hours of sleep and no block was very disappointing but we kept hope alive while waiting for our first block. So the waiting game continued to epoch 2.