We Are Going Places

In epoch 3, the DApp360 Stake Pool node created its first-ever block. Out of the 43200 slots in epoch 3, we created only one. But that was about to change. In this epoch (4), three huge events occurred. One, we created 4 blocks, the most we had ever created in a single epoch. Two, the DApp360 pool received 64 million ADA staking delegations. Lastly, IOHK released Jormungandr 8.3, which they claimed would “slightly fix” some of the network “stuck” problems in the ITN.

The 64 million ADA stake delegations was significant for our node. It meant that the DApp360 node would create more blocks in the next epochs. More blocks meant more responsibilities. At the time ADA market rate was .0344 cents, which meant the DApp360 node had $2.2 million worth of staked ADA. Our node responsibility was to create 100% of its block to return maximum staking rewards on $2.2 million staked ADA. In anticipation of doing everything right in the next epoch (5), our team upgraded to the newly released Jormungandr 8.3. Epoch 4 was not just transformational, but it exponentially boosted the DApp360 team morale. We were still getting sleepless nights but this time we had stakes and we were creating blocks. So who cares about sleep? We will catch up on sleep later but not epoch 4.