Blocks Creation Explosion

In the last epoch (4), we received 64.6 million staking delegations, which at the time was worth $2.2 million. With 64.6 million ADA stakes riding on our DApp360 Stake Pool node, we created our most blocks (39) ever so far. It was invigorating but it was also eye-opening to the demanding level of responsibilities. These responsibilities meant we could not use the network instability as an excuse for missing blocks and shrinking delegate’s stake rewards. Because of the instability of the of Incentivized Testnet (ITN) at the time, the DApp360 team had another sleepless night.

Yes, it added more pressure on our team. I babysat the node every half hour. We had to make sure that a stuck node and constantly forking network chain did not deny our delegates from receiving their staking rewards. I got about 2 hours of sleep during this epoch. Despite our team"s best effort and vigilance, we missed some of our scheduled blocks, which was not good. I sent out an email alerting our stakers to the bumps, and instability we were experiencing in the ITN. Though we had more stakes and our node created its most blocks ever, I was a little demoralized. This demoralization resulted directly from the faulty (stuck nodes and forked chains) ITN causing our node to miss blocks.