Labor of Love and Passion

The last epoch (5) ended on a downbeat for our team because the DApp360 Stake Pool node missed several of its scheduled blocks due to instability in the Incentivized Testnet (ITN). This epoch (6) started with a loss of 2 million ADA stakes for the DApp360 Stake Pool. Our stake shrunk. We created slightly fewer (37 …2 less than epoch 5) blocks. We upgraded to IOHK newly released Jormungandr 8.4.

Matt, our DevOps admin, started to consider scripts that would automate a work-around solution for the network instabilities. For example, he wanted to automate a script to upgrade and backup our node every time there was a new Jormungandr release. He wanted to make our node more resilient. Despite the sleepless nights, the DApp360 team became familiar with the routines of operating a stake pool in the ITN.

The sleepless nights were starting to take their toll on us. Candidly, it was wearing me down at this point. It has been at least seven consecutive days of minimum or very little sleep. I started forgetting things during the day. It also interfered with my day job (the job that pays my bills). The stake pool, at this point, was not paying our bills because it was a testnet. The rewarded ADA remained in the ITN. It was an IOU. Also, at the time, the stake pool rewards were peanuts compared to my weekly salary as a senior software developer. Despite sleepless nights, no immediate pay, network frustrations, missed blocks, etc. we kept hope alive. It was all a labor of love and passion.