The Email List Grows

In this epoch (7) we created 26 blocks, which is 11 fewer blocks than compare to the 37 we had previously created in epoch 6. For the DApp360 Stake Pool, 11 fewer blocks meant eleven fewer opportunities to earn any staking rewards for us or our delegates. It also meant that our delegates would receive less rewards in epoch 7 than they had received in epoch 5, and 6. It was not the trend we wanted.

Both the network instability and the fatigue was clearly getting the best of us. In th last epoch (6), we had just upgraded to IOHK newly released Jormungandr 8.4. In this epoch, which is about 24 hours later, IOHK released a newer version of Jormungandr. Again we upgraded our node to the latest Jormungandr 8.5-alpha1. We hoped that it would bring us some relief but It was not the silver bullet. So we kept routinely babysitting our node.

One memorable event during this epoch was the growth our email list. Remember in epoch 2 - The Wait Continues, I mentioned that our email list of stake pool subscribers consisted of 3 emails (two of which were mine). Because of our pool listing in Daedalus and Yoroi wallets respectively, more stakers subscribed to our stake pool via our website DApp360 Stake Pool. Our list grew over 100%. It was evident that more people were considering us. The increasing number of subscribers boosted our team"s morale.