Automate the babysitters

The last epoch (7) was not a very good one. We missed few blocks due to network instability and operators" fatigue. As a result, we were desperate to solve the stuck node problem. With some research and help from the Cardano Stake Pool & Best Practice Telegram channel, Matt (our DevOps team member) started working on a scripting solution. The script would monitor our node"s log file for “stuck_notifier” warnings. If it found one and the node was stuck, the script would automatically restart the DApp360 node without any human interaction. The goal was to automate the monitoring process and reset a stuck node. If we could achieve this goal, we could at least get some sleep and stop babysitting our node

Again for the third consecutive epoch, DApp360’s node created fewer blocks. Our node created 22 blocks with the 61 million ADA stake delegations. That number was four blocks less than the previous epoch (7) and 17 blocks less than our all-time high (39) in epoch 5. Of course, we had lost about 3 million stake delegations. We were down to 61 million from our all-time high of 64 million. However, we kept working, reading Jormungandr guide, and researching Telegram channels on ways we could improve our node configuration for resiliency and maximum uptime. At this point, I am getting about 3 hours of sleep each night.