Did That Happen?

IOHK released another version of Jormungandr v0.8.5 “STABLE” version. We upgraded as quickly as possible because it said “STABLE.” Matt deployed his node “monitor and resuscitate” script that he had been developing and testing since epoch 8. After some extended research, I reconfigured some of our node’s properties and updated the max_connection. While frequently monitoring DApp360’s node uptime, our team watched and waited. We were checking if our node was stuck or if it was on a forked chain. In the past, stuck node and forked chains caused the DApp360 node to missed several blocks.

I think we missed just a single block in this epoch. However, for the first time since the start of the ITN, the DApp360 node ran without getting stuck or going off on a forked chain for more than 26 hours straight. I could not believe it. For me, it was miraculous. Because I didn’t believe it, I kept monitoring the node every half hour, but it was still going strong. The Incentivized Testnet (ITN) scheduled for 27 blocks and we wrote 26. Our team was elated.