Got Our Mojo Back?

In the last three epochs (6, 7, 8,) our block creation trend declined from 37 to 26 and 22, respectively. In epoch 8, we started working on an automated script to monitor and reset the DApp360’s node whenever it got stuck. However, the script was not yet ready for production in epoch 9. So we continued babysitting our node and getting about 3 hours or less sleep each night. However, in epoch 9, we somewhat stabilized the block creation decline. We created 27 (up 4) blocks from the previous epoch. It was encouraging for us until we found out that half of our stakes (30 million ADA) had undelegated from the DApp360 pool during this epoch.

Losing 30 million stake delegations meant a significant reduction in the number of scheduled blocks awarded to the DApp360’s node for creation. Fewer stakes equate to fewer blocks, which further equates to fewer rewards. It was very discouraging. Epoch 9 reversed our declining trend of blocks creation, and now it was certain that the next epoch (10) would bring us fewer blocks creation. Our team thought that we were getting our mojo back in this epoch, but it was not the case.

Nonetheless, we pressed on. Our team upgraded to Jormungandr 8.5-alpha3. We noticed a slight improvement in network stability. Matt kept on refining and testing his script that would monitor both our Syslog and stake pool log files. Hopefully, the script would automatically resuscitate the node whenever it was stuck. We thought we got our mojo back by creating more blocks but losing 30 million stake delegates killed our newly found mojo.