We Got Our Sleep Back

So the miracle that started in epoch 10 was just the beginning. Epoch 11 started flawlessly without the DApp360’s node getting stuck or going off on a forked chain. To my disbelief, the node kept running without our assistance. We started epoch 11 ranked #3 in Daedalus Reward Wallet with a 100% performance. The ITN scheduled our node to create 19 blocks because we had 34 million stakes. Remember, we lost 30 million stakes in epoch 9. As a result, lower-stakes meant the DApp360’s node would create fewer blocks and return a smaller reward for our delegates.

DApp360 Ranked #3k

We created all 19 scheduled blocks, which again gave our node a 100% performance for epoch 10. The ITN seems to be a lot more stable. Because I started to believe in the stability of our node and the ITN, I cautiously got some much-needed sleep cautiously. Our 100% performance gave us higher-ranked visibility in the Daedalus Reward wallet, which earned our pool 1 million delegations of stake ADA. I have to admit it was a little difficult for me to accept that the node was running just fine. I monitored the node frequently, but I believed the babysitting period over. I slept a little bit more (at most 5 hours a night compared to the prior 3 hours nights) with an occasional 1 am or 2 am sanity check on the node.