Increasing Momentum

The flawless performance in epoch 11 continued into this epoch (12). This epoch began and ended flawlessly. Again, we began the epoch ranked #3 in Daedelus Reward Wallet. The Incentivized Testnet (ITN) scheduled the DApp360’s node for 21 blocks, two more blocks than we did in the previous epoch. An increase in scheduled blocks was a good sign because it meant an increase in rewards. Again, for the second time, we nailed the creation of all 21 blocks. We had another 100% performance

DApp360 Pool Twitter Comments #3k

Our high visibility increased our email list count from 7 to 14. It seems small, but this count is a 100% increase. In epoch 2, we had just 1 subscriber to our stake pool’s email list. The DApp360 Stake Pool team cherishes little progress no matter how small. We created more blocks in this epoch than the previous one. We received more ADA stake delegates. More delegates subscribed to our pool’s email newsletter. More delegates visited our DApp360 Pool Community Telegram channel. Our node was constantly up without going down. We even got a Twitter mentioned as you can see below: We were building momentum and riding high. It felt good.