#1 Ranking

It seems like 100% performance is becoming a routine with the DApp360 node. At the start of Epoch 13, the DApp360 node ranked #1 out of 400 stake pools in Daedalus Reward Wallet. This #1 ranking was the first-ever for our pool. Our team captured the ranking image and posted it in our DApp360 Pool Community Telegram channel, our Twitter Page, etc. The #1 ranking validated that our team was doing the job as a node operator correctly. It made all those sleepless nights worthed it from epoch 1 to epoch 10. The ITN scheduled us for the creation of more blocks, which meant more opportunity to earn more rewards for our delegates.

DApp360 Pool Twitter Comments #3k

Remember in epoch 9 we lost 30 million stakes? After 3 consecutive epochs of 100% performance and high visibility in the Daedalus Reward Wallet, we had regained 28 million stakes. The DApp360 Pool delegated stakes increased from 30 million delegated stakes (in epoch 9) to 58 million delegated stakes in this epoch. It was time to focus on building our community of delegates. So, our team started reaching out via our DApp360 Pool Community Telegram channel, Twitter Page, etc. Our team was available to answer real-time questions from some of our subscribers via our Telegram channel. We were doing well as a stake pool.