Gaining Subscribers

Our node, D360, ran smoothly for epoch 12, 13, and 14. According to, delegates staked 2 million more ADA to our stake pool for this epoch 15. We kept monitoring and observing the respective behaviors of both the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) and the DApp360 node as we did in epoch 14. During our monitoring, we noticed a potential bug. The ITN completely skipped a block we created on scheduled. We checked the Shelley Explorer to see if the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) awarded the same slot (block) to another pool. It did not. It seems like the ITN protocols omitted or skipped the scheduled block that our node created. So we opened an IOHK bug report on Github. We were not sure if such behavior was normal for the ITN or not. Regardless, our team wanted more insight as to why the ITN did not include our punctually created block or awarded it to another pool.

DApp360 Bug ITN Issue #3k

Meanwhile, our email list of pool subscribers continued to grow. We now had about 19 emails of valid pool subscribers. Back in epoch 1, we had just one valid email subscriber. We were interacting and providing answers to questions from our delegates via our Telegram Channel, DApp360 Stake Community. During this epoch, our DevOps admin, Matt, started work on a new script that would capture our schedule blocks at the beginning of every epoch and email it to the DApp360 team. This email provided us with a punctual schedule of our node total block count, node schedule, etc. for the start of the new epoch. Such information was very helpful in answering some of our delegates’ questions.