Epoch 16 started with a loss of 1 million delegated stakes from our stake pool. Lost of delegated stakes equates to fewer blocks, which means rewards reduction. As a result, our team became a bit nervous. There was no way our team could prevent its delegates from exiting our stake pool. Despite the setback, we continued monitoring our node for unexpected events. The node got stuck a little more frequently than it did in the last three epochs (13, 14, 15). The script we had deployed in epoch 10 worked like a charm. Without a need for a human operator, it automatically restarted the stuck node every time. Restarting the stuck node prevented us from missing our scheduled blocks.

We noticed that our node’s log file contains more “stuck_notifier” warnings. This increased frequency of warnings prompted our team to consult with other node operators in the Cardano Stake Pool & Best Practice Telegram channel. We found no credible explanation or solution for these frequent warnings. However, our team was on alert. Despite these warnings, the Dapp360 Node created all its scheduled 25 blocks, which give us a perfect 100% performance. Our email subscribers grew by 1 during this epoch. Epoch 16 was another good one.