Knowing Our Delegates

One memorable event from this epoch (18) was our interactions with our delegates via the Telegram channel, DApp360 Pool Community. We learned that the DApp360 Pool consisted of delegates from Italy, Portugal, the USA, Germany, etc. Getting to know our delegates is an important part of our long term strategy to retain delegates for the DApp360 mainnet stake pool. Interacting with our delegates gives us a chance to communicate our values, work ethics, and growth strategy.

Interaction with ADA delegates

Our team was still fearful of a potential mass exodus of delegates due to the extreme drop in ROI, as discussed in epoch 17. In this epoch (18), our delegates did not leave our pool as we feared. Instead, our pool gained slightly more delegates from 52.38 million to 52.95 million ADA stakes. So our fear in epoch 17 did not materialize in this epoch. Our node created its blocks and we increased delegates" rewards from the previous epoch. According to, the DApp360 Pool increased its ROI from 6.2% to 16.1 percent.. I think our delegates were happier. This epoch, despite some fears, was also another good one.