TestNet Or StressNet?

It was New Year Day 2020 and epoch 19 started with a positive vibe from one of our delegates. He visited our Telegram Chanel, DApp360 Pool Community, to inform us that he got a good stake reward for the previous epoch (18). He also motivated us to make epoch 19 a good one. The Incentivized Testnet (ITN) scheduled the DApp360 node to create 20 blocks. I was upbeat about our smooth operation in the last eight epochs. So, I gave our delegates a rosy and optimistic expectation about rewards for epoch 19.

DApp360 ADA Delegate

As this epoch progressed, I wish I had not given such an optimistic projection for epoch 19. Our node created 14 out of the 20 scheduled blocks. The creation of 14 blocks out of 20 gave our node a 70% performance which was not good. That performance was a 25% drop from 95% in epoch 18. Our stake pool, D360, ranking slipped lower in the Daedalus Reward Wallet. For the first time, Daedalus Reward Wallet ranked the D360 Pool in the mid-30s. With all these negative events in a single epoch, our team had some serious causes for concern. The Incentivized Testnet (ITN) was the most unstable I had ever seen it. The DApp360 node could not stay up for 15 minutes without requiring a restart. Even worse bootstrap took too long to start and when it did, our node had already missed its block creation time. This epoch was a good one. Even worse, our team did not know the problem or its solution. We hoped that the next epoch (20) would be better.