The StressNet Intensifies

In epoch 19, our node missed 30% of its scheduled blocks. Our ranking dropped in Daedalus Reward Wallet. The Incentivized Testnet (ITN) became very unstable. Epoch 20 began the same way epoch 19 ended, more stress for our team. Even though the problem started in epoch 19, the problem intensified in epoch 20. In this epoch (20), we lost about 1.2 million staked ADA delegations, according to Also, the ITN scheduled our node to create 7 fewer blocks than we had the previous epoch (19). The ITN scheduled our node to create 13 blocks, a 35 percent reduction which meant lower overall rewards. This epoch began with everything (delegates, blocks, node uptime, etc.) declining. It only got worse from there.

Our node missed three blocks and created 10. By then, our ranking was in the mid-fifties in the Daedelus Reward Wallet. Our ranking was the lowest it had ever been thus far. We lost another 2 million staked delegates. The downtrend continued right through the end of this epoch. As a result, I decided to inform our delegates via email and our Telegram channel, DApp360 Pool Community. I posted the following in our Telegram channel.

DApp360 Telegram Epoch Post

Epoch 20 ended on a down note. Our team was demoralized.