More Stress & More Frustrations

Interaction with ADA delegates

In the last two epochs (19, 20), the D360 team had been struggling to prevent the DApp360 node from missing its scheduled blocks. This epoch (21) was worse. We created 9 blocks out of 19 scheduled blocks. Our node operated at 55% performance, which significantly affected our ranking in the Daedalus Reward Wallet. We ranked between 65 and 85, the lowest ever for our stake pool. 55% performance significantly reduced our delegates’ rewards. So it was no surprise when our team noticed a loss of 8.2 million staked delegates during this epoch (21). Regardless of these discouragements, we pressed on to find a solution that would prevent our node from missing its scheduled blocks

We examined and reexamined the “Reset” script, which we had deployed in epoch 10. This script had worked so successfully in helping us prevent block loss in many of the previous epochs. In this epoch (21), it was useless. Our team took a second, third, fourth, etc. look at our node configuration. We researched the issue with other node operators in the Cardano stake pool Telegram Channel. Based on our research, we reconfigured some properties in our node config file. We babysat the node. Despite all these efforts, we missed blocks. All of this loss was mostly the result of the instabilities of the Incentivized Network. The DApp360 team and our delegates were the collateral victims of a buggy testnet.