Downtrend Reversal Continued

Epoch 24 was a challenging one for the DApp360 stake pool team. By this epoch, our stake pool lost almost half of its staked delegates. We had 38.3 million staked delegates, which was down 44% from our all-time high of 68 million stake delegates. In addition to the shrinking delegates, our stake pool ranking (#87) was the lowest it has ever been in the Daedalus Reward Wallet. Our delegates" rewards were shrinking, which explained why our staked delegates were leaving us. In the last epoch, 23, our stake pool team reversed the detrimental downtrend affecting our stake pool. With the lower visibility ranking in the Daedelus Reward Wallet, regaining our lost staked delegates would be a difficult task. This reversal had given us hope that we could rebuild our stake delegates. Our team’s strategy for regaining lost delegates was simple, insure that our stake pool node consistently operated at a 95% performance. Also, Matt created a Facebook page for our stake pool as part of our strategy to reach more Cardano delegates.

Reddit Article of ITN fork Issues

In this epoch, 24, Incentivized Testnet (ITN) scheduled our node to create 19 blocks. Thanks to Matt’s (our DevOps admin) hard work, our node created 17 of our 19 blocks. Our node operated at an 89% performance. This performance did not meet our 95% performance threshold, but we were grateful for missing only two blocks. During this epoch, some of our delegates extended their gratitude for a strong 23 rewards via our Telegram channel, Dapp360 Pool Community. With this performance, an improvement from the previous one, our team was upbeat that we could regain our high ranking and lost delegates.