Not So Fast

In the previous epoch 24, the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) scheduled our stake pool node to create 19 blocks. We created 17 and missed 2. Our node had an 89% performance and an 11.8% reward for our delegates. It seems like our recovery was on track. Our stake pool team was upbeat about regaining lost stake pool delegates. Well, not so fast. Epoch 25 stopped our newfound momentum dead in its tracks. This epoch scheduled our node to create a miserly six blocks. The ITN reduced our scheduled blocks by 68%. Such a reduction meant reduced rewards, which usually cause delegated to leave for greener pastures. Also, from epoch 24 to 25, our stake pool lost another 17.27 million stake. Even though our performance had improved over the last two epochs (23, 24), the poor performance and lower rewards from previous epochs (20, 21, 22) were significantly affecting us. With 21 million staked delegates and six blocks, our team was fearful of more delegate exit from the DApp360 stake pool.

Despite this setback, our stake pool team still had to perform optimally. Given the dire situation, some of our delegates cheered and encouraged the D360 via our Telegram channel. It was heartfelt to see Eli, Federico, etc. giving us thumbs up. It was a sign that we were building a community of dedicated delegates. At the end of epoch 25, Matt (our DevOps admin) informed our Telegram channel that we had created all our blocks as seen below.

Reddit Article of ITN fork Issues

Our stake pool node delivered a 100% performance. We created all six scheduled blocks. Our team looked forward to repeat this 100% performance in the next epoch.