Another 100% Performance

In the last epoch, 25, the 68% drop in the number of blocks for our node, D360, alarmed our stake pool team. Despite this drop, our stake pool team and node performed at 100%. In this epoch, 26, the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) scheduled us for eight blocks, two more blocks than in the previous epoch. As part of our stake pool transparency policy, we added script to provide public information on our node real-time block height. With public real-time block height, anyone (including our delegates) could easily see our node status in real-time. During this epoch, one of our delegates informed us that he found a second wallet in his Daedalus Reward Wallet. He was worried because he did not create this second wallet. We helped him troubleshoot the problem. In the end, we instructed him to create a bug ticket with the Daedalus team.

DApp360 Block Real-Time Block Height

This epoch 26 was another good performance. For the second straight epoch, we had a 100% performance in epoch 26. Our team thought the ITN was more stable than in the past. We created all eight blocks. Also, we earned an 8.8K Ada rewards for our stakers. Our average ROI by epoch 26 was 15.2% according to Some of our delegates expressed their gratitude via our Telegram channel, DApp360 Pool Community.