First Simultaneous Scheduled Block

We had a 100% performance in the previous epoch, 26. After two consecutive epochs of 100% performances, our team expected the same in this epoch, 27. For the second time, unfortunately, our team was highly alarmed at the low amount (4) of scheduled blocks awarded to us by the Incentivized Testnet (ITN). During the last epoch, 26, we had the same 20 million staked delegates and we got 8 (over 100% more). This epoch, we got only four. Our team did not think it was proportional to our stake but we were grateful that we were awarded scheduled blocks.

DApp360 Block Real-Time Block Height

During this epoch, our node experienced its first simultaneous block creation. We created the block but never got credit for it. In Shelley Explorer, I found that another stake pool created the exact block that we created, 13802. Unfortunately for us, the ITN accepted the other stake pool’s blocks. As part of the protocol, there is always a probability that more nodes could unknowingly receive the same schedule for block creation. Though we created four blocks, our node received credited for three. This performance was a 25% drop from our previous 100% performances in the last two consecutive epochs. Our team knew it would negatively affect our visibility ranking in Daedalus Reward Wallet. We dreaded this downtrend because a 75% performance would not help us regain our lost delegates.