A Shell of A Stake Pool

Our stake pool, DApp360, was a shell of its former self when epoch 30 began. We had a 19.4 million staked delegates, a 72% decline from our all-time-high of 68 million. Daedalus Reward Wallet ranked our pool as low as #150, which was 149 positions below our #1 ranking in epoch 13. The Incentivized Testnet (ITN) scheduled our node to create half the amount of blocks proportional to our reduced staked delegates. Even worse, our node was operating at its lowest ever performance, 27%. Increasing our staked delegates was a significant task on our minds. However, improving our node’s performance became the topmost priority. To prevent our remaining delegate from leaving, we certainly had to boost performance. Epoch 30 was all about babysitting the node, implementing optimal node configuration, as well as just hoping for some good luck.

DApp360 Block Real-Time Block Height

The IOHK team was quite aware of the frustrations and stresses inflicted on node operators by the buggy and unstable incentivized testnet at the time. In his AMA (Ask Me Anything) video via YouTube, Charles Hoskinson, IOHK CEO, acknowledged that the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) had bugs, instabilities, and frustrations. He asked node operators to be patient and told us help was on the way. While his acknowledgment did not solve any of the problems, it did provide some solace. IOHK was making a fervent effort to stabilize the ITN. Our team was a little hopeful that IOHK would address these problems because its CEO was now aware of the node operator’s frustrations.