No Quick Solution

In epoch 32, Ourouborous scheduled our node, D360, to create 12 blocks. By this epoch, 35, our stake pool node had been severely underperforming for several consecutive epochs. It was so bad that I posted the following update in our Telegram channel, DApp360 Community Pool.

“Epoch 31 update. As much as I would love to give you guys a positive picture, I can not. The unstable network is still killing our production. Epoch 31 scheduled us for only 6 blocks. I was up at 3am trying to rescue our blocks but the network kept screwing us. Our node went 2 for 6. The current epoch (32) scheduled us for 12 blocks. I will be up all night trying again. We would love to keep you as a delegate. However until IOHK releases a patch, we will keep on trying. Don"t forget we ranked between #1 to #7 for more than a week once upon a time. The D360 Team refuses to violate the rules (like others) simply to prevent our node from losing its scheduled blocks. We are governed by principles, not greed. Thanks for your support.”

Again, our node performance was horrible. We created 3 out of our 12 scheduled blocks for a 25% performance. A glimmer of hope during this epoch was the release of Jormangandr 0.8.6. However, IOHK version release note snuffed out that glimmer with the following statement:: Jormungandr 8.6 release notes

“This release does not provide a quick solution to some of the issues reported by the community such as the clone stake pools problem. This is an issue linked to the incentive model and the issues of the network. Improving the network has a higher priority right now.”

With such release note, our team was not very amused, but we installed Jormungandr 8.6 anyway.