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The DApp360 Show

When Cardano fully launches Goguen as part of the Cardano blockchain, Cardano community members will have many questions about smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapp). These questions will come from the diverse and heterogeneous audience that constitutes the Cardano community. For example, a Cardano dapp developer might have questions about calculating transaction fees for their dapp smart contract. Meanwhile, a Cardano investor might have questions about the economic viability of a specific dapp project. Yet, there might be others with concern about a project’s team and their funding source. When evaluating a dapp, Cardano community members will have questions about dapp marketing, development, consulting, etc. The Cardano community will need a connection point where various dapp project teams can introduce themselves and their project to the Cardano community.

The Show

We are creating a new show named “The DApp360 Show” To meet the Cardano community members’ need for objectively evaluating a dapp. The show will serve as a connection point that objectively analyzes Cardano dapps and interview the respective project’s team. The DApp360 Show will interview the dapp project team and give them the chance to do the following:

  • Introduce and showcase their project
  • Answer tough questions about business and economic viability of their project
  • Answer technical questions about on-chain and of-chain composition of their dapp
  • Answer questions about the team’s competence, funding source, etc.
  • Answer questions from you the audience

The show is all about giving you, the audience, an objective 360-degree analysis of specific dapps targeting the Cardano blockchain. Each episode of the show will showcase a particular Cardano dapp, its team, and objective interview questions from the perspectives of a software developer, an investor, a business analyst, and more. The goal is to provide you with firsthand and no-hype content that empowers you to make a better and informed decision.

The Host

My name is Hassan Michael, and I will be the host for the DApp360 Show. I am a Cardano admirer, enthusiast, investor, entrepreneur, and Cardano stake pool operator. By the way, I’m also a software developer with over 14 years of experience. I’ve been intensely engaging crypto/blockchain since 2017 with a specific focus on the Cardano ecosystem. I currently reside in sunny South Florida. However, my life was not always sunny. I am a former civil war survivor who arrived in the US as a war refugee. With a little bit of luck and God’s grace, I have scratched, clawed, and worked my way to where I am today – “A Good Spot” is what I call it. You can expect my interviews to be candid, gritty, objective, insightful, and authentic.

Your Participation

Your participation is essential to me because we (D360 Team) created the show to serve you. I need to know the type of dapps you want us to evaluate. I need your feedback (positive or negative) to improve. I need your encouragement to silence the internal doubts that we are not wasting our time. Your presence is vital because The DApp360 Show exists solely for your consumption. Until then, signup for the newsletter to receive the launch date for the inaugural show. Cheers!