Hassan Michael Founded DApp360 Inc. in the Fall of 2018. Three months later, Matthew Consolo, a pivotal member, joined the founding team. DApp360 Inc. is a blockchain consulting company that develops decentralized applications (DApps) and consultation exclusively for the Cardano blockchain and its ecosystem of related technologies. The company is incorporated in the state of Florida and headquartered in South Florida.

As a decentralized application development company, we are committed to helping traditional enterprises and startups explore and embrace the potential utilities of blockchains. We help companies of all sorts identify and capture the added values and benefits that the blockchain technologies have to offer.

Our mission


Our goal in this nascent blockchain sector is to help traditional enterprises and startups capture rewarding business value from the utility of blockchain. We aim to deliver both the applications and solutions that blockchain can more efficiently deliver. In this regard, we dedicate ourselves to providing a wide range of blockchain services based on our clients' needs. To deliver this goal, we harness and provide experts level services specializing solely in the Cardano blockchain and its ecosystem.

Our core values


DAPP360 Inc. firmly believes that our people are our most important and delicate asset. As such, we value building trustworthy relationships that balance the needs of our clients, employees, investors, and partners. We are exclusively a Cardano, blockchain consulting company. As a team of well-seasoned experts and professionals, DAPP360 Inc. aspires to earn your trust by providing solutions that communicate our expertise.


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