DApp360 is currently revising its Shelley mainnet content for our stake pool (D360) and this page. Please stay tune. As of now we can tell you that our pool is is certainly 3%. Content on this page will be updated soon.


We are incredibly passionate about Cardano. Sleepless nights, self-motivation, and countless hours of hard work describe our passion. It's a LABOR OF LOVE. Our team has followed, researched, and studied Cardano since the fall of 2017. The D360 Pool is one of the first stake pools created two days before the Cardano Incentivized Testnet (ITN) went live on 12/15/2019. We have been active since.


D360 Stake Pool firmly believes that high ROS (Reward On Stakes) and high block performance are vital stats that attract and keep smart ADA stake delegates. We believe that these two stats speak volumes and cut through the noise. As such, we don’t provide our delegates with unrelated technical stats. We keep our communication simple, candid, and honest. We are all about high performance and ROS.


We firmly believe that people (you, employees, etc.) are our most valuable assets. Yes, we all want to maximize our ROS and profit. However, the D360 Stake Pool will not maximize its profit at your demise. No, we will not be dishonest or deceptive in any of our dealings with you. Our goal is to build a long term relationship that is trustworthy with our current and potential delegates.


Our above mentioned core beliefs (passion, performance, and intergrity) define who we are as a stake pool. In addition to our core beliefs, please find below few additional reasons justifying why you should delegate to the D360 pool.

Skin In The Game

We have pledged (staked) all our ADA to the family of D360 stake pools, the same pools we are asking you to join. With such significant skin the game, you can rest assured that we have valid incentives to do the right things. Our success aligns with yours. View our stake pool’s pledged account to see how much we have delegated to each of our stake pools.

High ROS

We have allocated financial, human, and hardware resources to significantly boost our performance. Our team focuses on the two most essential elements which maximize each delegates' ROS (Return On Staking). These two critical elements are 100% block creation, and a maximum staked delegates count under the saturation point.

High Performance

One primary benchmark of a high performing stake pool is its ability to create 100% of assigned blocks. To achieve this goal, our team has implemented several strategies. As part of these strategies, our node runs on high-performance bare metal dedicated servers. Also, we maintain 24/7 monitoring, as well as optimized our node configurations.

Sizable Stake

A sizable total (close to but not exceeding the Cardano saturation point) of delegated stakes is a hallmark of a high performing pool. Such a total ensures more assigned blocks, which boosts delegates' rewards. To consistently maintain sizable delegated stakes, our team continuously operates frequent marketing campaigns.

Expert Team

Our stake pool team consists of an experienced software developer and a DevOps engineer. In addition to their years of career experience, this team gained significant experience running stake pools in the various Cardano Testnet phases (Network, Incentivized, and Haskell Testnet), respectively. Our paramount goal is to ensure that D360 pools maximize your ROS.

92% For Stakers

We return 92% of staking rewards back to our delegates. We use the remaining 8% margin to procure high-performance hardware infrastructure, to compensate our stake pool admins, to prepare for disaster recovery, and to maintain a marketing campaign for delegates. The 8% margin ensures that we can scale as the Cardano blockchain grows.


You are not a number, we love to know you. Interact with us in real-time by joining our social media channels. Join D360 email list to receive our stake pool's newsletter. It provides you with monthly updates about our performance and returns.


Our Stats

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Our Server Specs
Server Type
Bare Metal
Dedicated Server
4 Core x 3.8 GHz
64 GB
Hard Drive
2 x 800 GB (SSD)
Data Transfer Rate
Up to 1 Gbps
Backup Power


D360 Pool Operator


D360 Pool Operator


The D360 Pool is currently running in the Incentivized Testnet (ITN) pending Shelley mainet release.

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