Our Core Belief

DAPP360 Inc. firmly believe that people (you, our employees, etc.) are our most important and delicate asset. As such, we value building long-term relations with our people. Yes, we all want to maximize our profit, but DAPP360 Pool will not maximize its profit at the expense of being dishonest, deceptive, or greedy to you. Our goal is to build a community stake pool where the stake pool owners/operators answer to and work on behalf of the community of stakers who delegate their ADA to the DApp360 Pool.

To conctact DApp360 Pool owners/operators in real time, please join our DApp360 Pool Community via Telegram. There we can respond to you quickly.

Skin In The Game

DAPP360 Inc. stakes all its ADA in the DAPP360 Pool, the same pool we are asking you to join. With our skin (ADA) in the game, rest assured that we have valid incentives to do the right things. Our success aligns with yours.

99.99% Up-time

DAPP360 Pool has procured modern cloud infrastructure that GUARANTEES 99.99% UP-TIME for its stake pool. Our server provision has geo-redundancy, uninterrupted power supply, etc. that eliminates any single point of failure.

92% For Stakers

We give 92% of staking reward back to our ADA stakers. We keep an 8% margin to maintain our hardware infrastructure and personnel. This margin insures that we can scale as the Cardano blockchain grows.

Real Time Contact

DApp360 pool provides real-time support for all our stakers. If you have questions, concerns, or just need help, you can telegram DApp360 Pool Community at https://t.me/dapp360pool

Expert Team

Our team's paramount goal is to ensure 99.99% up-time availability for Dapp360 pool. As such, our operation team consists of experienced software developer and system admin in addition to our cloud support staff.


Our rigorous security policy ensures Dapp360 Pool against downtime resulting from security breach. Our security solution factors in attacks from network, malware, hardware, denial of service, and many more.

Scalable Growth

Our growth strategy anticipates a solution that seamlessly scale our infrastructure requirements proportionally to Cardano's growth. As we scale, we aim to avoid downtime and reduce our overall cost of growth.

Low operation cost

Dapp360 Pool maintains its low cost of operation by strategically procuring low-cost but high-reliability cloud infrastructure. Also, our team expertise and talent help minimize our labor and other costs.

Saturation Marketing

In order to maximize our stakeholders' staking reward, Dapp360 has an aggressive strategy to reach Cardano Saturation point as soon as possible. This strategy involves an early mass marketing blitz to ADA holders.


We will remind you when DApp360 Pool is available.

By joining our whitelist now, you are simply asking us to provide you with informational material about the Dapp360 Pool. We will also inform you when to join the pool after Cardano releases the Shelley main net.