Name: DApp360 Pool
Ticker: D360
Pool ID: 881e3af880ac65f96cbf9b85d3f054f72aa7bb9c77fe365bbf36f4c7
Pledge: 1.6m


Welcome to DApp360 Cardano stake pool, D360. We are extremely excited that you are visiting our stake pool page. It is our sincerest hope that this page content will inspire you to delegate or to re-delegate your ADA stake to the DApp360 pool. If you need more information, or just want a real-time human connection with our stake pool operators, contact us via Telegram Channel, DApp360 Pool Community, or Twitter page, @Dapp360.

Our Core Values


DApp360 is immensely passionate about Cardano because of its egalitarian vision to change the world for good and its scientific rigor to developing blockchain technologies. Since 2017, our passion has been evident by the enormous amount of time, and personal financial resources, that we have spent on learning, researching, producing content, and engaging the Cardano ecosystem. It"s a "LABOR OF LOVE" that motivates us.


D360 Stake Pool firmly believes that earning you a high ROS (Rewards On Stakes) is paramount to attracting and keeping smart ADA stake delegates like you. A high ROS is a direct result of high performance. As such, we have built both a highly experienced team and a robust server infrastructure. We are all about high performance and ROS. We believe that these two stats speak volumes and cut through all of the irrelevant noise.


We firmly believe that people (you, employees, etc.) are our most valuable assets. Yes, we all want to maximize our ROS and profit. However, the D360 Stake Pool will not maximize its profit at your demise. No, we will not be dishonest or deceptive in any of our dealings with you. Our goal is to build a long term relationship that is trustworthy with our current and potential delegates. We keep our interactions candid, and honest.


Our core beliefs, as mentioned above (passion, performance, and integrity), define who we are as a company and stake pool. In addition to our core beliefs, please find below a few additional reasons justifying why you should delegate to your ADA stake to the D360 pool.

Our Pledge

We have pledged 1.4 million of our own ADA stake to the D360 stake pool, the same pool we are asking you to join. With such significant skin in the game, you can rest assured that we have valid incentives to do the right things. Our success aligns with yours. A pool with a high owner's pledge is not only attractive, but it delivers a higher reward for all its delegates.

3% Pool Fees

We are aware that there are pools that charge a 1% fee and pools that charge 4% or more. However, DApp360 Pool charges a 3% fee to cover the cost of providing you with high rewards, longevity, high performance, disaster recovery, and enough delegates at Saturation Point. Successfully operating a highly rewarding pool is not an auto-pilot operation.


High rewards on staking (ROS) are a direct result of high performance. One primary benchmark of a high performing stake pool is its ability to create 100% of assigned blocks. To achieve this goal, our team has implemented nodes that run on high-performance bare metal dedicated servers. Also, we maintain an experienced team that continually monitors the pool 24/7.

Experienced Team

Our stake pool team consists of an experienced software developer and a DevOps engineer. In addition to their years of career experience, this team gained significant experience and competence running stake pools in the various Cardano test-net phases (Network, Incentivized, and Haskell Testnet), respectively. We have a proven and verifiable record in successfully running Cardano stake pools since the ITN.

Performance Reporting

We understand that your time is valuable and that it should not be spent searching for our epoch performance. As a result, our team will provide you with a timely performance report after each epoch. This performance report will include relevant information and metrics about our stake pool performance and rewards. This information will be available via our Twitter and Telegram channel after every epoch..

Subject Matter Expert

As a benefit for delegating your stake to the DApp360 pool, we provide all our delegates with a free Cardano ecosystem subject matter expert. What does this mean for you? It means that our pool operators and developers are available to answer whatever Cardano related question that you may have. Even better, this perk is available to you in real-time. Its a way of DApp360 saying "thank you" for delegating to the D360.

Our Stats

We firmly believe in tranparency and accountability. As such, we have listed ojective third party sites that report performance metrics and statistical data about Cardano stake pools. These sites will give you unbiased independent reporting information about the performance and ranking of the DApp360 Stake pool.

Pool Tool

View D360 Stats

ADA Pools

View D360 Stats


View D360 Stats


Pools Explorer

Our Infrastructure

DApp360 stake pool server infrastructure significantly exceeds the minimum server infrastructure requirements recommended by Cardano. For example, Cardano recommends running a node on a machine with 4 GB RAM and two cores CPU. Each of our nodes runs on their separate barebone dedicated server, each with 32 GB ram, and four cores CPU. We do not use VPS or shared hosting. Yes, it seems like overkill. However, if you factor the need for maximum performance, longevity, security, disaster recovery, etc. these robust servers provide our stake pool with the resilience to withstand attacks for a significant period. Please find our server infrastructure details below:

Server type: Bare Metal
Shared/Dedicated: Dedicated Server
CPU: 4 Core x 3.5 GHz
RAM: 32 GB
Hard Drive: 2 x 480 GB Software RAID 1
Hard Drive Type: SSD
Data transfer rate: 1 Gbps
Firewall: Yes
Backup Recovery: Yes
Backup Power: Yes

Our Team

Our team members include both a software developer and DevOps team members who have professional experiences in their respective careers. Our team members have been engaging the Cardano blockchain since October 2017. In addition to learning the Cardano ecosystem, they have gained significant experience from participating in the Cardano Network Testnet, Incentivized Testnet (ITN), Haskell Testnet (HTN), respectively. They provide a wealth of competence and expertise in operating a Cardano stake pool.


D360 Pool Operator


D360 Pool Operator


You are not just a number. We would love to get to know you. Please feel free to interact with us in real-time by joining our social media channels. To receive our monthly update, please join D360 stake pool"s newsletter below. It provides you with monthly updates about our performance and returns.



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