Running a successful and profitable Cardano stake pool is more involved than merely setting-up nodes, registering the stake pool, and pledging owner’s funds. A successful and profitable stake requires an entire end-to-end strategy that has to be crafted, implemented, and adaptively maintained. Here at DApp360, we can help you create this whole end-to-end strategy, or we can provide you with just the missing pieces that are needed to complete your strategy. Our team has the experience, competence, and price point to help you run a successful Cardano stake pool.

Why Consider us ?


Professional Experience

Operating a successful Cardano stake pool is easier and successful when you have an experienced and competent team at your disposal. Our team members have acquired years of extensive professional experience in their respective careers as software developers and DevOps engineers. Our unique and diverse skill set enables the DApp360 team to solve complex technical problems from a business perspective. When consulting with us, you will have this skillful team at your service.


Cardano Experience

Since the fall of 2017, the DApp360 team has diligently followed, researched, and studied Cardano. We participated in the Cardano network testnet that preceded the Incentives Testnet (ITN). Our operators acquired valuable experience in owning and operating Cardno stake pools during the ITN and the Haskell testnet (HTN), respectively. Our subject matter experts can provide you with a successful end-to-end strategy or on-demand service for your Cardano stake pool.


30 minutes free Consulting

DApp360 Team provides all potential clients with free 30 minutes of Zoom, phone or Telegram consulting. During this free consultation, you can ask any question related to owning or operating a Cardano stake pool. This consultation will undoubtedly provide you with first-hand experience of the professionalism, expertise, and care that we provide to all our clients. Starting your free consultation is as simple as contacting us at

Consulting Packages

End-To-End Service

Our End-to-End consulting package is the most comprehensive solution that provided almost everything needed to run a stake pool on your behalf. You, the client, provide the stake pool’s owner pledge, and the cost for server hardware, registration, and marketing cost. The DApp360 team does everything else in conjunction and consultation with you. This solution includes hardware and software setup of the entire infrastructure and on-going management of the whole operation. This package includes but is not limited to the following service:

  • Feasibility and profitability consultation
  • Hardware Infrastructure cost analysis
  • Stake pools & Relays setup and installation
  • Secure and protect relays and stake pool
  • Marketing strategy & cost consultation
  • Setting pool cost and variable fee margin
  • Marketing blitz to launch stake pool
  • Administer maintenance and operations
  • Epoch analysis and reporting service
  • Delegates management
  • Disaster recovery and readiness
  • 1 hour response time
  • Priority resolution time

Annual Retainer

Our annual retainer package is for stake pool owners/operators who are already running or operating an existing stake pool. Such owners/operators want to complement or supplement their stake pool team with competent go-to staff in case of emergency or merely all-round stake pool consulting. They want fast response time and access to a Cardano subject matter experts. For such a potential client, the Annual Retainer package comes in handy and economical. This package includes the following:

  • On demand phone support and availability
  • Emergency resolution service
  • Security Integration
  • Keys Rotation
  • Cardano client software update
  • create and implement marketing strategy
  • Stake pool re-registration
  • Weekly epoch analysis and reporting service
  • 3 hour response time
  • 6 hours resolution time

On-Demand Service

On-Demand Service is a one-time service meant to resolve a single focus issue with your stake pool. This package has no on-going support or follow-up. If you have a problem with your existing stake pool or you need a new instance of a stake pool setup, we can provide a one-time solution. With this package, you only pay for the services that are rendered when its rendered. However, this package has a slower response time compared to our two other packages (End-to-End Service and Annual Retainer).

  • Stake pool installation and setup
  • Keys Rotations
  • Stake pool server migration
  • Stake pool re-registration
  • create and implement marketing strategy
  • Maintenance and operations
  • Consultation
  • Stake pool & relay software updates