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No Profit, Don't Pay Us!

An optimally operating Cardano stake pool can yield its owner a regular daily return on her/his investments. It takes stake pool expertise, DevOps engineering, marketing, etc. to operate a stake pool at optimal performance. A pool success depends on its operator skillset.

DApp360 can provide you with an entire team of Cardano stake pool operators who are competent, experienced, and passionate about the whole Cardano ecosystem. Even better, our stake pool operators only get paid when your stake pool returns a profit on staking.

Yes, you don"t have to pay DApp360 stake pool operators if we do not profitably run your pool to return a profitable ROS (Return On Stake) for your stake pool.

Why Consider us ?



DApp360 stake pool team consists of qualified IT professionals with a very diverse skillset in software development, DevOps administration, network admin, etc. Our operators plied their profession in both the Corporate world as well as small entrepreneur ventures over many years. These qualified and diverse professionals have the competence, confidence, and ingenuity that is needed to troubleshoot problems and to resolve solutions.



Since the fall of 2017, the DApp360 team has followed, researched, and studied Cardano. We participated in the Cardano network testnet that preceded the Incentives Testnet (ITN). Our operators acquired valuable experience in managing and operating Cardno stake pools during the ITN. We were one of the first 80 stake pools created two days before the ITN went live on 12/15/2019. Since then, we successfully ran several stake pools before migrating to the Shelly mainnet.



The DApp360 team is incredibly passionate about the Cardano ecosystem. As a vibrant, hip, scientific, and extremely innovative blockchain, Cardano is the blockchain ecosystem that is ushering in the new financial operating system. Our passion translates into sleepless nights and countless hours of self-motivated, hard work. It's a LABOR OF LOVE. This passion motivates us to be extremely committed, dedicated, tuned in onto the evolution and incremental growth in the Cardano ecosystem.

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Some Tasks of a Stake Pool Operator

At a high level, a stake pool operator is responsible for insuring that his/her Cardano stake pool node is creating all its assigned blocks, maintaining a healthy amount of staked delegates, as well as maximizing the stake pool’s ROS, (Return On Staking). Some of the essential tasks of a stake pool operator include but is not limited to the following:
  • Selecting and Configuring the right server hardware for a stake pool node
  • Administrating and securing the server hardware
  • Setup and configure a Cardano stake node for optimal performance
  • Constant monitoring of the node to ensure maximum uptime and block creation
  • Timely troubleshoot and solve whatever problems may arise
  • Communication with delegates
  • Upgrade node software whenever there is a release
  • Participate in the Cardano stake pool community
  • Strategized and implement marketing plans to acquire new delegates
These are few of the responsibilities of a Cardano stake pool operator.

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