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What is Cardano

Cardano is a third generation public blockchain (an immutable and secure digital ledger) that operates on a proof of stake architecture.

What is Ada?

Ada is a cryptocurrency which is the native currency of the Cardano blockchain. The Ada cryptocurrency lives only on the Cardano blockchain.

Why is a stake?

In the Cardano ecosystem, a stake is the amount of Ada (Cardano blockchain native currency) that is held by a person or an entity.

What is staking?

In the Cardano ecosystem, staking is the process in which an Ada (Cardano native currency) holder delegate her/his Ada to a stake pool for the purpose of protecting the Cardano blockchain.

Is staking safe?

Staking your Ada to any Cardano stake pool is extremely safe and secure. Your Ada funds is always in your possession and no one, not even the stake pool, have access to it. never leaves your wallet.

What is Cardano staking reward?

Cardano staking rewards are compensation or incentives that are given to ADA
holders (who delegated to a stake pool)  in exchange for their participation in the decentralization of Cardano blockchain.