What is an HNW Stake Pool?

Cardano staking passive incomeA High Net Worth (HNW) Cardano stake pool is a DApp360 product designed to cater to the needs of high net worth individuals or entities who are interested in safely earning high-yield passive income from a Cardano stake pool. In addition to the high-yield passive income, this product offers a concierge service, a private crypto advisor, and real-time one-on-one virtual crypto crash courses.

Transparent, Safe, & Instantly Accessible

high yield staking passive income

Passive income from crypto instruments like a Cardano stake pool is one of the safest, transparent, and most secure options compare to other traditional financial instruments. You will never have to relinquish your principal funds to anyone because you alone will have possession of your funds at all times. You can directly verify and access your epochal earned passive income every five days. The high degree of on-demand transparency, safety, and security mean you can trust passive income from a Cardano stake pool as more reliable than your financial investment monthly statements.

Crypto Concierge Service

Crypto asset concierge service

One key benefit of being a delegate to an HNW stake pool is the DApp360 Concierge Service. This service provides you with a Cardano/crypto subject matter expert who will serve as your on-demand crypto advisor. Besides providing you with crypto-asset advice and guidance, this service also offers one-on-one interactive crypto-asset courses to meet your specific need via real-time virtual classes. The concierge service saves you time and allows us to be your crypto liaison on standby when you need help. Our concierge service offers you the peace of mind and knowledge needed to confidently engage crypto/blockchain assets.

Initial Orientation

It all starts with you contacting us using the “Request Call Back” form below. The first step in earning a high-yield passive income begins with an initial orientation. The initial orientation is an in-person, Zoom, or Google format meeting in which we educate and outline the entire process of earning a passive income from a DApp360 high yield stake pool. During this orientation, we will answer your questions or address any unique concerns that you may have.


Stake Procurement

In this second step, the DApp360 team guides you through safely and securely procuring the needed Ada for your passive income high yield stake pool. In cases where you need to procure your Ada on a crypto exchange, we will help educate you about interacting with crypto exchanges and transferring funds to your wallets. We will help you prepare the necessary KYC and AML information needed by crypto exchanges if you do not already have one. We will also educate you on how to securely store and access your ADA in your wallet during this stage. We will show you how to access your wallets on a mobile device or a desktop.


Stake Pool Setup & Deployment

In this step, our Cardano technical team prepares and deploys the stake pool infrastructures to the Cardano mainnet. During this process, we will inform you about operation costs and fees.  Once we complete the setup,  the stake pool is ready to receive your delegated Ada stake.


Stake Delegation

This stage is when you delegate your Ada stake to the high yield stake pool. Again like every other step, we will guide you through the delegation process. We will set up the epochal reporting bot that automatically updates you every epoch (5 days) about your returns, stake pool performance, and other metrics.


Assets Rewards

This stage is also an ongoing stage for the DApp360 technical team. Our team assumes the role of managing, maintaining, supporting, and updating the stake pool infrastructure. We also update you with stake pool reports about performance KPIs and asset yield stats. We are also at your disposal for questions and resolving any concerns that you may have. All you have to do is watch the passive income flow into your wallet.

Benefits & Features

DApp360 High Yield Stake Pool offers many benefits and features that goes far beyond simply earning an attractive passive income.  Some of the many benefits include the following:

  • Average APY 5% dividend yield
  • Potential additional asset price appreciation
  • Access to your personal Cardano/Crypto fintech expert
  • Crypto education and training
  • Personalize stake pool
  • Automated analytic and performance reporting bot
  • On demand communication channel for crypto consulting
  • Never relinquishing your funds to anyone
  • On demand auditing at your convenience
  • Caring and honest agents


There are very few requirements to participate in earning a high yield passive income. These requirements includes the following:

  1. Minimum ADA requirement – enough ADA to guarantee a block each epoch.
  2. Staking for 1 year in order to reap maximum dividend yield

What is a stake?

In the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, a stake is simply the amount of Ada (Cardano blockchain native coin) that is held by an individual or an entity.

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